Survivor Support and Trauma Recovery Services

At Project Woman, we offer a wide range of programs and services to protect, educated and empower those affected by domestic violence and/or sexual abuse.

Survivor Empowerment

Empowerment Model

Survivors are not blamed for what has happened to them. Survivors are responsible for creating a new story for their future. This is the basis of survivor recovery supports offered by Project Woman.

Empowerment means “to have power.” Abusers take power over those they abuse. Focusing on finding voice, exercising choices, and letting go of the past are all part of regaining the power within each survivor.

Empowerment is a multi-dimensional, social process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. This process creates the power to use these choices in his or her own life, community and society, with individuals acting on issues that they define as important.

Empowerment theory underpins victim/survivor services. Rather than attempting to eliminate the violence, which is not controlled by victims, the empowerment approach uses education, training, and therapy to create supports that victims do control.

The end goal is to instill self-esteem and confidence in survivors, enabling them to make sound personal decisions and protect themselves.

Therapy & Support Groups

Survivor Focused, Safe Environment, Trauma Informed Approach, No Victim Blaming. Our services are available for all women, children, men, and families affected by domestic, intimate partner, and sexual violence.

Before & After Care

  • Education Groups
  • Safety Classes
  • Skills Training (Cyber Safety, Dating Safety)

Chrysalis Survivor Support Group

Chrysalis Survivor support group is intended to help survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Held in a safe and confidential environment, participants will be encouraged to engage in supportive conversation, learn new coping skills and address personal goals; all leading toward recovery and empowerment. Chrysalis is mindful of the help and support survivors can provide for each other, and works toward creating an empowering environment for all participants.

  • A survivor support group for adults
  • Free Weekly meetings
  • Safe and confidential environment
  • Trained group facilitator from Project Woman

Read Survivor Stories

View real stories directly from survivors.