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Be That Guy!

I am always excited to find new ways that people are speaking up and taking action to let survivors know they are not alone. I also find it fantastic to come across men to engaging in the efforts to end gender-based violence.

Recently I came across a campaign for NASCAR fans. In case you are wondering, I am not a racing fan. My search of the infinite-data-mind of Google was related to current national data for sexual harassment.


80% of men are uncomfortable when women are disrespected. It’s not just you. BE THAT GUY and speak up!

This campaign is pretty straight forward and one of many efforts to create forum for voice and encouraging everyone to Speak Up! The more visibly we speak up the louder the message is to the batterer, the harasser, the rapist, the stalker, the abuser! The majority of men do not perpetrate abuse. Let those that do know that they are the ones that are alone… and that we will not be silent!

Check out this groups efforts at

Every voice counts. If you would like to share yours with our local efforts let us know!


Laura Baxter

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