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About Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic violence occurs when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate another. Domestic violence often refers to violence between spouses, or spousal abuse but can also include cohabitants and non-married intimate partners.

There are three categories that abuse often falls into:

Although some types of abuse are clearly more dangerous than others, all show a lack of respect and are an effort to intimidate and control you.

Planning Ahead

When thinking about leaving, each individual situation is unique. Project Woman is here to help you create a Safety Plan for your specific needs if you would like. If you are considering leaving, some key items to have with you at all times are:

  • Driver’s license or other form of ID
  • Birth certificate and social security card for you and your children
  • Money, bank books, check books, ATM card
  • Divorce and custody papers, copies of protection orders
  • Medication, glasses, hearing aids, etc.

Adapted from ODVN’s Safety Plan for Victims of Domestic Violence

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