1 in 5…


Millions watched as Lady Gaga shared the Oscars’ stage with survivors of sexual assault during her powerful performance of “Til It Happens To You.” The message was clear: we must change the culture that enables sexual assault, and support the one in five undergraduate women who has experienced it.

The music video for the Lady Gaga song may be difficult for most to watch, but it is necessary to be direct and open about such an important issue. If you have not seen The Hunting Ground – watch it. Too often we are ostriches, our heads in the sand ignoring or hiding from issues that are real and all around us! And then we look up and say, “How did this world get to be like this?” The more pertinent question is, “Now that your head is above ground what are you willing to do toward change?”

Our young people should be able to attend college and get and get an education, spread their wings, dream of their future without fear of sexual coercion and violence as a tangible risk. 1 in 5…it should not be the truth, but it is!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. See how you can get involved at www.projectwomanohio.org

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