The History of Chrysalis Manor

High Street in Springfield is home to many of the city’s historic sites and buildings, including the historic manor known to some as the Hauk-Pringle-Patric House. The building, which is now known as Chrysalis Manor, has had a very long, and storied history in the Springfield community. The Manor was constructed in 1877 by Charles and Mary Hauk. Charles was a wealthy businessman in Springfield, who worked in many different fields including owning a wholesale and retail grocery Store.

After its construction in 1877, the manor changed hands several times and was owned by several prominent members of the community. These owners included Thomas J. Pringle, a prominent private practice lawyer, prosecuting attorney, and Ohio State Senator. The manor was also owned by Charles E. Patric, an inventor and innovator of the milling process, and his wife, Mary Jane. Charles and Mary purchased the Manor in 1899.

In 1990, Ninety-one years after The Patric’s purchased the house, and over a century after its construction, the Manor changed hands again, and was purchased by Project Woman. This was the first step in the direction of the fulfillment of a dream: provide long-term, transitional housing for survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

This dream began in the 1980’s, when the staff at Project Woman noticed that many of the clients who took residence in the emergency shelter eventually returned to their abuser. For years Project Woman hoped to be able to provide this type of housing, and took their first steps by purchasing the house that would one day become Chrysalis Manor. Despite owning the building since 1990, the doors of Chrysalis Manor did not open until 1996, after years of planning, and renovations.

On December 24th, 1996, Christmas Eve, the first families moved in to Chrysalis Manor, and Project Woman’s dream to provide transitional housing had begun. The dream continues to this day, and you can be a part of the history of the Manor, of the City of Springfield, and of Project Woman. Donate today, and your donation will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, by the Ohio HealthPath Foundation, allowing your donation to have twice as much of an impact on this historic part of our city.

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Crowdrise Campaign

The dream embodied by Chrysalis Manor continues to this day, and you can be a part of its long-standing history. Project Woman, is currently accepting online donations from community members through a crowfund campaign to fund the much-needed restorations for its transitional housing property, Chrysalis Manor. This initiative is supported by a grant from the Ohio Health Path Foundation, which is currently working with non-profits across Ohio to create local crowdfund campaigns. To help encourage community organizations create their own campaigns, Ohio Health Path will be matching all donations made by community members.

These funds will go towards the renovations to the grounds at Chrysalis Manor, and will include renovations to the infrastructure of the property, such as drives, walkways, and structures, and will also fund the construction of a therapeutic serenity garden on the property. The Manor, which is located in Springfield’s historical district, requires very specific methods of renovation in order to honor the history of the building, the survivors it has served, and its role within the community, and you can help keep this part of our city’s history alive.

To find out more about this fundraiser, and to donate to the campaign, visit or follow Project Woman on Facebook for updates throughout the campaign.